Everyone has potiental….one just needs to have passion in what they’re good at, learn continuously and live life to their fullest
~Sandra Anne Ghouse

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We collaborate with training business partners to provide professional training and development solutions for emerging leadership development, sales techniques, communication and presentation skills, coaching and mentoring programs.
People Pathfinders help and support our client’s company vision and goals.

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Humble Beginnings

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In People Pathfinders, we collaborate with strategic training partners to provide best customised training solutions to our clients. Our strategic training partners strive to deliver exceptional programs to develop and train individuals, teams and organisations to achieve excellent results.

Managing Director of Avidity Group of Companies

Alex Tan

He is one of the best Mental Toughness coaches in the region not only because of his expertise, but also due to his inspiring personal story of being a proud Brain Tumor Survivor, Blindness Survivor and Rare Disorders Warrior. This experience has repurposed his vision in life to one that focuses on impacting mindsets and lives.

Alex welcomes and encourages connections, conversations and collaborations that revolves around pushing boundaries, Thought Leadership and community development. Reach out to him if you are on the same journey to impacting minds and inspiring hearts!

Group & Managing Director in Advidity

  • Leadership thought leader
  • Proud Brain Tumour Survivor
  • Best Executive Coach Provider Gold Award
  • Corporate Athlete
  • Entrepreneur & Socialpreneur Trabilazer
  • Speaker, CEO
  • Triathlete (Malaysia)

Empowering Your Potential, Connecting Your Future

There are new emerging leadership thought leaders in every generation. Alex is certainly someone who is being recognised for his influence in the domain. While many may think that he specialises in a broad spectrum of leadership, he is in fact focused on the Leadership Avidity: a dynamic pentagon of critical mindset philosophies and faculties.

Alex maintains an exclusive number of leaders across the region from Fortune 500 companies as well as dynamic leaders from Forbes 30 under 30 that he mentors and coaches. The success of his clients became his best testimony in being recognised by the industry as back-to-back recipient of the HR Vendor of the Year Award for Best Executive Coaching; Gold Award for 2020 and Silver Award for 2019 and 101 Top Coaches by World HRD Conference, Mumbai India.

The Athlete’s Mind and the Transcendent Mind are the products of Alex’s 20 years of amalgamating successful science, philosophies and practical experiences into Thought Leadership that can now be duplicated by other leaders in the industry.

Founder and Managing Director of 3E Training & Education Sdn Bhd.

Sandra Anne Ghouse

Key Highlights:

  • Extensive Experience: Over 30 years in training and empowerment.
  • Wide Impact: Training programs across Southeast Asia, benefiting a diverse demographic.
  • Leadership Roles: Significant contributions in administrative, HR, and training sectors.
  • Community Involvement: Active participation in NGOs and special programs for marginalized groups.

Decades of training expertise spanning from 1990 to the present.

  • Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Employee Development Program
  • Managing Oneself – TIME and Self-Management
  • People Manager Program
  • Women Executive Development Program
  • Business Effectiveness Adventure Programs
  • Team Building Programs
  • Personality Profiling
  • KPIs and Performance Management
  • Leadership Programs
  • Superior Customer Management
  • Clerical, Secretarial, Executive Development Programs

Empowering Your Potential, Connecting Your Future

Sandra Anne Ghouse, Founder and Managing Director of 3E Training & Education Sdn Bhd, has over 30 years of experience as a Corporate Soft Skill Trainer. Specializing in empowerment, she designs and delivers programs focused on Engagement, Enhancement, and Empowerment for a broad audience including employees, management teams, entrepreneurs, and marginalized communities. Sandra’s initiatives increase productivity and results through tailored developmental programs across Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.

She is a certified HRDF, PERKESO, and EPF trainer who has shaped thousands of careers through training, coaching, and mentoring. Her work includes managing and growing SMEs through innovative solutions like the 3E’s Business 4.0 product, XLR8. Sandra’s experience spans from grassroots in admin to leading roles in HR and PR, contributing significantly to company growth and establishing successful administrative functions.

Her deep involvement extends to advertising, communications, and event management, achieving notable successes in campaigns for major firms. Sandra’s signature training programs, which include a wide range of skill-building courses from customer service to time management, are recognized for their interactive and engaging methods that ensure high participant retention and application.

Establishing 3E Training & Education in 2014, Sandra has continued to drive transformative outcomes for organizations and individuals, helping overcome barriers like communication and motivation. Additionally, she has a significant role in NGOs, focusing on training and education to improve livelihoods for the illiterate and marginalized, demonstrating a lifelong commitment to empowerment and professional development.

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